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Since I was little, I've been obsessed with documenting. It started with collecting letters, evolved to scrapbooks, and eventually photography came into view. My favorite photos are usually images where people are unaware of the camera's lens and experiencing the abundance of life in that given moment. 

Photography has given me so much more than pretty pictures -- it's given me some of my best friends! I wouldn't be where I am today without the community I've met since picking up my lens. I'm continually inspired by the couples, seniors, families, and other creators with whom I've been lucky enough to cross paths with.

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From the plethora of weddings I have both attended and given the honor of photographing, I've come to realize that the little stressors will not matter when your wedding day finally arrives. Heck, most couples leave their wedding day thinking it was a fever dream!

What does matter is knowing that the love and respect you have for your partner is unwavering. What matters is planning a wedding that you actually will enjoy -- be true to who you two are as a couple, and plan your wedding unapologetically that way! I adore when couples set aside time just for themselves. Whether it's a a lunch date before the festivities or a private last dance, these are the moments you will think back on most when reminiscing about your wedding.

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